A toolbox for your IT

Wiseflat is a combination of software programs to help you host your home automated systems and to protect you and your family from the internet

Host your server

Download our Ansible project to configure your server. This is only for raspberrypis.


Based on Linux containers (LXC), you can add private microservices like a website, instant messenger, a wiki, nodered, domoticz, jeedom, homekit and many more.

API for your IOT

With our API, ask basic information like weather forecast, calendar events and many more.

Protection and privacy

Security is essential, so we provide you an integrated solution to block potential internet threats for you and your family.


Ansible is a software program that automates software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment. That's what you will use with Wiseflat.


Mix all our API and our tools to make your life easier.